Unique, Authentic and Different
(In Every Way)
It’s time to stand out. The race to be ‘better than’ is over. ‘Different from’ sets you apart.

The world of online business has fast become a commodity. Similar websites, same branding, same choice of platforms and a race-to-the-bottom on pricing. A digital wasteland where business believes that “superior customer service, adding value and brand awareness” is enough to differentiate.

It’s Not! If your business can’t prove it is different, it becomes a rat-race where the winner is still a rat.

Different, though, forces a choice not a comparison. Your competition simply disappears. That’s the problem we can fix for you – Finding your difference. Making your business stand out.

OK, let’s fix my problem!

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Our Services

Website Development

A dynamic showcase for the very best of your company. Persuasive words and mesmerizing graphics from our genius team of tech geeks, wordsmiths and graphic design gurus. Problem solved!.

App Development

Make your business smarter, more effective, and incredibly responsive with our innovative app services. Whether it’s a simple app, or more complex, we provide solutions for planning, design, development, and maintenance.

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, content creation, influencer and affiliate marketing, SEO, display ads and app marketing – we know what works best for each client, whether B2B or B2C.


The most powerful asset your company can have is the ability to persuade. A single word can change the meaning, the mood and the motivation. We choose our words carefully.

One-Stop Media (Publishing)

Monthly, mobile-friendly, an elaborate digital publication – at no charge to you. We select quality 3rd party advertisers to cover the cost.A digital magazine, designed, created and published for you.

One-Stop Media (Podcasting)

Podcasting offers tremendous opportunities to share your company’s vivid vision. Free guides for everything you will ever need.

It's In Our DNA

Different from other companies, whose vision for you is

always based on what others are doing.


Different because we instinctively reimagine your problem.

Incremental improvements aren’t for us.


Different in that we never sell – we only ever persuade.

A Company Built on Being Different.

Remarkably Different.

Remarkably Different - Why US

Why Us?


A team of maverick misfits, brought together by an overwhelming desire to change how things are. We reject what’s gone before. Creating the future doesn’t start with the past. We open up a whole new world of possibilities that make your company unique and remarkably different.


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